see.francis brings his new release “Lifetime”

Immediately upon playing see.francis’ new release, Lifetime, you can feel see’s experiences through his haunting vocals as he aggressively glides on the chorus to kick off the song. Leaving you with a sense of reminiscence and motivation when the verses elaborate; the vocals and production bounce off each other perfectly allowing the song to truly entrance the listener and create a vivid painting of see’s Lifetime.

“I done seen it all in my lifetime”

In the second verse, we get to see brief glimpses at see’s history; hardship and victory combined. See’s everchanging storytelling and delivery once again brings a new variety to the vast portfolio we’ve seen recently and the beat ride out causes you to immediately shake your head compliments of @ThePyrvmids on production.

This is one to listen to on repeat with the volume way up and windows down, just in time for spring.


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