Jazz/Hip-Hop quartet Haolin Munk show their storytelling abilities on “Planetasia Suite”

Here at 1DF we always support those who are willing to think outside of the box. Haolin Munk of Hamilton, ON have done just that with an album that is equal parts music and sci-fi thriller. In regards to the project the following was said:

The record was envisioned as a ‘Sci Fi Rap Suite’, a cohesive story told by multiple vocalists as different characters. Music was written by Haolin Munk and the story was developed in collaboration with the vocalists. The story of the record follows the protagonist Mal Astro (portrayed by Emay) as he steals back his spaceship from his former boss, bureaucrat/crime-lord Lee Greed (Lee Reed). Mal Astro is shot down and crash lands on a mysterious planet where he meets the cosmic spirit Nomis Doog (Mike Simon & Sarah Good). With the guidance of Nomis Doog, Mal Astro rebuilds his ship and must confront Lee Greed once and for all.

Stream the project in full below and let us know your thoughts.


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