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First Day Feature: Big Tunk breaks down “Dreamz X Poetry” project, talks growing up in North Mississippi

One thing I love about Hip-Hop, more specifically that from Mississippi is the fact that good music can come from any place no matter how big or small. While Jackson is obviously the epicenter for talent here it in no way stands alone, good music is coming from everywhere including Calhoun City. There Big Tunk can be found cranking out his own brand of country rap tunes for the people to enjoy.

The rising MC has been in the game roughly 4 years, but none seem to be more important than the current for Tunk as he continues to garner more and more attention for his work. His project “Dreamz X Poetry” arrives today, coming in the midst of the increased hype and sets the tone for what should be a strong summer for him. With the table set for big things to come from Big Tunk and his camp we sought out to chat with him before the official release.

For anyone who is getting an introduction to you tell us who you are and how long you’ve been in the game?

Well I go by Big Tunk, I hail from Calhoun City, Mississippi, and I’ve been on the grind for about 4 and half years now.

You carry a very classic southern sound in your music more so than following the trends of today, who are some of your inspirations both musically and from people who aren’t artists?

I have a variety of people who I can choose from but musically it would have to be people like UGK, Big K.R.I.T., Tupac, and I could honestly keep going. People who aren’t I would have to say my big cousin “Darren” because he has always kept me motivated in doing my music and even helping me perfect my craft.

Take me back to the first day you decided rapping was something you wanted to seriously pursue. What happened that day that made the spark go off in your mind?

Well, it was my second semester of college and me and a couple of my guys was in the room rapping. We decided to put together a song and it seemed like everyone in the building heard us and came to the room to hear us. When it got to my verse a lot people was feeling it and gave me good feedback, so I was like this actually feel good to put together and mold something outta nothing.

What do you think makes your hometown unique and how do you feel it reflects in your music? Everybody has a certain connection with home and I’m interested to know yours.

We got big dreams, and a lot of talent for a small town. We got people that will rock with you because you doing something positive other than being out on the streets. Everyone always saw me as the guy that never talked down on no one , wasn’t up and running the on block, kept his head in the books. I Just stayed outta trouble and when people see that in you, they push you and motivate you do to the right thing and keep you away from the negativity. I love my town cause they show me there’s a better way and I’m hoping to lead that way one day.

Overall how do you feel about the state of music in Mississippi currently? Do you have any other artists you are fans of or that you would like to work with around the area?

It varies because I hear a lot of new music or new sounds on a daily. I feel in some parts it’s growing, other parts it has reached its quality, and others I’m still trying to understand. Honestly I’m a fan of anyone that’s riding for the state, their county, whatever. I’m willing to work if we just meeting on the same page but even if not I still support you because you putting on for the Sip.

I often hear from rappers in the North Mississippi area that they feel as though the region is often forgotten when the state’s artists are considered for accolades and other things. How do you feel about this personally? What ways do you feel things could improve in the scene here?

I see it sometimes but I feel like it comes from both sides of the state. It ain’t enough love being shown to a lot of artists in the state as it is from the North and the South. I feel like we should have more of a connection with one another rather than talk down on the next man or say who better. We try to divide ourselves up to much in order to get noticed and that’s what is really cutting our support system. We will give aa artist two states over more love than we give homie that stay two blocks down that’s grinding.

Shifting the focus you have a new project dropping on June 8th entitled “Dreamz X Poetry”. Could you explain what picture you wanted to paint when you went into crafting this one?

I just want to give a side of me that I’ve been developing and crafting for the past few years and get some relief off my chest. An introduction, more so a dedication than anything really.

Overall what type of emotions do you hope to evoke in the listeners as they finish up their first listen?

I want people to be like “Damn, this dude from Mississippi!? “ but I want them to gain some intel about me personally so they know what to expect from me.

Are there any features or surprises on “Dreamz X Poetry” you want to reveal ahead of time?

Not really that’s what the build up if for. Just know that you won’t be disappointed.

I was blessed with the opportunity to hear two of the tracks and although they definitely fall in the category of “riding music” I was surprised by how much personality and focus on your lyrics you bring. How do you manage the balance of making sure a song jams while also providing a message to the listener? Not everyone has that duality.

Man I just write what’s on my mind and my heart. The natural flow of how I deliver it comes with the development of the subject matter I touch on. It just takes that tapping into to really reach that mind state.

Is there a song on the project you think will be a standout more so than others? If so why do you think this.

Yes, I feel like “Playa Mode” will be one because of that dirty south feel it has to it, and it just give you that energy to just ride out to.

Aside from the project is there anything else that people need to be on the look out for from you and your camp in the near future?

Yes I’m going to start production on my Album my brother D. $tarr got his project in the works, my dawg Houze got his project cooking along with my homie Big Zay Mack. Just know it’s gonna be a hot summer.

What do you think is the most common misconception about you and why do you think people feel that way?

I haven’t really just heard anything about me that really just didn’t sound like me unless it hasn’t be brought to my attention.

When your career as a musician is over what would you like your lasting legacy to be?

That this country boy really made a name for himself and inspired a lot of people not just musically but personally with trying to make a difference.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers before we conclude?

Just that if you took time to read this I appreciate it and do me a favor and refer it to ya friends family whoever. Go like me of Facebook and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Support this project because you will not be disappointed. Once again I love y’all for taking time to read this, stay prayed up and your head up.

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