First Day Feature: Yung Jewelz discusses her upcoming “Earth Day” EP

There is something about certain artists that just exude a level of coolness on a record. While a lot of artist – particularly in 2018 – aim to bring as much energy as possible, I still feel as though there is something special about someone who can carry a track without having to get too far out of their comfort zone to capture your attention. To have a charisma about you without having to go to hard to create it is unique. One fine example of this talent is The Paid Hipster herself, Yung Jewelz.

Yung Jewelz has been in the game for quite a few years now, but she has surely seen a rise in notoriety as of late. Not only through her laid back rhyme schemes does she make her mark, but also as a seasoned performer. All of this has contributed to Jewelz status as one of the premier female emcees in the state of Mississippi.

Looking to continue her ascent, Yung Jewelz is prepared to release her new body of work “Earth Day” on April 22nd. We at 1DF were given a chance to listen to the project in advance and sat down to discuss what we heard with her in the following Q&A.

To kick things off, give an introduction of yourself to anyone who may be getting wind of you for the first time.

I am the keeper of cool , the leader of the hipster groove. Born & raised on the Northside of Jackson , MS. For those who don’t know I am The Paid Hipster, Yung Jewelz.

Tell me about the exact moment you knew music was your passion. What happened that clicked in your mind?

2011 when I started to actually record with equipment. I noticed the reaction I got from the people around me. My family and my peers that knew I could rap made me feel secure at the time, so seeing them jam to what I now think is trash lol was the green light I needed.

Were you at all apprehensive about releasing music due to what other people thought at all in the beginning? I know a lot of people have some trouble being comfortable in their earlier stages.

I wouldn’t say apprehensive, I’ve always had the I’m gonna do what I wanna do attitude when it comes to music. I feel like I shouldn’t have to be nervous about showing my truth to the world.

How does the opinion of other people influence how you work now knowing that you do have some devoted fans at this point?

I just roll with whatever . I listen to what I want, I value everyone’s opinion because we’re all entitled to our own but it doesn’t influence my work as much. I do however have a select few people I tend to ask the advice of and may alter some things I possibly didn’t see or hear before.

If you could describe your music to someone who has never heard it how would you do so?

It’s Hipster Hop, hip hop with a cool groove. My music is a mirror, i speak on myself , what I know, and what I’ve seen. Whether it’s a personal situation or something someone close to me may have gone through it’s always going to be real. That mixed with those who influenced me gives me my sound and diversity.

You are preparing to drop your “Earth Day” mixtape in just a few days. Tell us what your goal was going into crafting the project?

I wanted to create something different than my last project. I wanted to kind of show more of the cool Vs the at you neck in your face feel. I felt like to know me through my music you have to feel me, and I have to show more than just one part of me. So I crafted the project around that and my vibe , I took a break from social media and found my peace & patience.

You have quite a few features, but I notice from my time listening to the project that none sound very forced. How did you decipher who would join you on the project?

I honestly just listened to every track I chose and heard people I knew would fit , so far my ear hasn’t failed me on that. I think it may help that I respect everyone I worked with and I’m a fan of each individual.

Of all the songs on Earth Day which do you feel was the most difficult to write? Which was the most fun to write?

Higher was definitely the most fun to write. It’s such a vibe , elevation is the feeling I get when I listen to it. Ethereal was the most difficult simply because it took me the longest to write. I did it peace by peace within a couple hours only because I wanted to make sure I had the essence of a strong black woman who I adore come to life. It may not even sound that “difficult” it just has to sound real to me and I couldn’t rush that.

Do you believe there is one in particular that may catch on more than others when people check out the project? If so which one and why?

Higher. Based of the response I’ve gotten from my promo video everyone is wanting to hear it. The features do me a big solid though just off of names , not to mention the love they showed with the verses. Much love to Savvy, Dolla , & Lil Oj (Vitamin Cea). I had already had it in my mind to make it the single so it’s almost perfect that it could possibly already be a fan favorite.

Being that Earth Day also correlates with your date of birth, what is something you would love to receive as a gift?

Purchases, downloads, & streams lol. Honestly I just want to relax and get the feedback , good or bad. That’s a gift within itself just to be able to have something worth listening to, I don’t normally want anything besides money and to spend time with my family and friends so this year won’t be too different. But I will be accepting gifts all month in the form of cash, card, cash app and PayPal.

What is the moment in your career you are most proud of to date?

Opening for Dee-1 earlier this year. It was a great night, good energy and amazing artist.

Do you have any interesting stories about the creation of Earth Day you would like to share?

Any story I have would probably involve me, Cea & Krystal doing everything but writing our verses every time we got together. This is why you don’t work with your friends lol we made one of the dopest songs though, it just happened after the playing , talking and procrastination.

Besides the actual project itself, what else should people be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

Visuals , possibly an EP that I may or may not already have, new merch, songs you know about that I haven’t heard, just me. Lookout for me because I’m coming, I want everyone to expect consistency and mad flava.

What is your biggest goal for the year?

My biggest goal this year is to do better than last year. As an artist with my growth , going past what I thought was good and becoming better than good enough.

Is there anything else you would like to leave the readers with before we conclude?

I just want to say thank you to anyone who’s supported in any way and still continues to. It’s the love for the dream that keeps me going but hearing and seeing the support is the motivation.


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