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First Day Feature: Yung Jewelz looks back on Earth Day, talks new single “Papi” and Jackson Hip-Hop Award win

Yung Jewelz has long been a favorite here at 1DF. Originally catching our attention with her street single “Riot”, she has since become one of the more consistent indie artists in the entire south. Last year’s “Earth Day” EP marked a leveling up of sorts for the artist as she had several singles on it that still get radio play and extensive streams to date. Her latest single “Papi” has not been out long but is already proving to be one of her most successful releases with some of her best spotify number to date. All of this success led to her being honored with Female Hip-Hop Artist of the Year at the 2019 Jackson Music Awards. With so much happening in her life since the last time we spoke, we sat out to catch up with the Jackson native once more.

Its been a little over a year since we last sat down to chat. With Earth Day being released and making its impact how do you feel now about your position in the indie scene compared to then?

I feel like I’m moving on up lol. It’s been a great year since ED dropped, I’ve gained new fans, new markets. The scene has shown me nothing but love & I embrace it.

Do you feel you met all of your expectations you had prior to Earth Day dropping?

Yes, I really didn’t want anything more than, that people would enjoy it and understand me a little better. I expected it to be something that could still be talked about and played years after it dropped.

If you could go back and change anything musically from that project would you or do you feel its perfect as is in retrospect?

No, I feel like I made the music that was on my heart at the time so it was pure then. It definitely was perfect for where i was in life when it was created so yeah , issa Classic!

We just got your latest single “Papi” which is a bit of a different vibe from you than some are used to. Specifically it has a higher energy level than what most of us are accustomed to. What message did you want to get across with it?

That I’m not in a box. But I’m still kickin’ flava regardless so the music is gonna vibe no matter what. I took a beat that as you said most wouldn’t be used to and still managed to be me. I didn’t force it or try to mimic anything that’s been done. I sat down with it and had fun.

Are you happy with the response to it to date?

Extremely happy. I didn’t know how or what it would take for it to pop harder than what I’ve already released , but it has in less than a month and that’s amazing to me. I’m grateful that other cities are being so responsive as well. It’s just a dope experience to be listened to and appreciated.

You are fresh off of a win for Female Hip-Hop artist of the year at the Jackson Music Awards. How does it feel to recieve this honor?

It’s a honor. I’m thankful to be recognized. I feel like the work is being noticed and that’s a blessing in itself.

Does it add a level of validation for you at all? I know often times artists can feel like they aren’t being recognized properly.

I think it shows those who still doubt what’s really going on over here that it’s really what I say it is. I’m not half stepping and it’s finally being shown in a brighter light. I personally don’t think it’s validation because the award itself it’s bigger than that. But I do feel like some might see it that way.

Taking the shine away from yourself who do you truly feel are your peers as top female rappers in Mississippi and why?

Vitamin Cea, she’s a lyrical beast. The vibe she gives from her music to her energy is unmatched. Django, shorty has mad bars and punch lines.

What do you think is the most common misconception about you?

That I’m mean, when I’m really not. I’m a sweetheart lol like a teddy bear. Just don’t go poking the bear.

What should fans be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

Nothing, I’m retiring lol. Seriously all jokes aside I’ve been plotting and planning all year on something special. It’s a lot coming soon so just be prepared.

Anything else you would like to share before we conclude?

Thank you! Thank you to my fans that are more like family . If you’ve ever came to a show , purchased merchandise , streamed a song or just show love you’re appreciated. & as always a special thanks to my favorites at 1st Day Fresh 💙

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