Ziyaad Luceō releases new single “Dishonest”

Toronto’s Very Own rising R&B artist, Ziyaad Luceō releases his last single off his new project which is called ‘CHANNEL: Division’. This record is entitled ‘Dishonest’ and is produced by the multi-talented Kaelyn. Kaelyn and Ziyaad put their talents together before on his debut EP, ‘Late Night Calls’ with the song ‘The After-Party’. On this particular record, Ziyaad fits perfectly on the hazy/atmospheric instrumental to recite an intimate story of a loved one. With passionate and ‘dream-like’ vocals, Ziyaad is able to express his inner feelings toward conflicting issues with either a close friend and/or loved one. The storyline includes a narrative of love loss, drug abuse/addiction and depression where the woman is living away from the truth; existing only in a facade. ‘Dishonest’ is a clear showcase of Ziyaad’s vocal talents and storytelling. This record gives a great opening of what is to come from his next project ‘CHANNEL: Division’ which is set to be released May 15th. The Outlier is back and better than ever. Big things are in store for Ziyaad and his OE crew.


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