Johnny Burgos brings a unique twist to Bill Withers’ classic “Use Me”

Brooklyn soul maven Johnny Burgos takes on Bill Withers’ ’70s classic “Use Me” in a new live session video, premiered today (5/24/2018) by SoulBounce. Burgos is joined by VJ Brown on guitar, and Dave Zerio on keys. Shot and edited by Jermaine Clark, Burgos’ “Use Me” cover video is a warm up to his original music, which is being released in the form of a new EP titled Love Through It All, due out later this season via Soulspazm.

“Bill Withers has always been an influence but has recently become a significant inspiration to me, as I’ve grown into myself as a solo artist and songwriter. Bill wrote from such an honest place and pulled you into his feelings, while never failing to provide some of the funkiest grooves to date. He was also from humble beginnings and achieved his stardom fairly late in comparison to similar artists of his era, which I feel is what kept him grounded and less likely to bend or mold his artistry to the pressure of the industry. That is something I’ve grown to respect greatly, through which I’ve found a new appreciation for him as one of Soul Music’s greats. I hope this cover does him justice.” – Johnny Burgos


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