Mr2theP is feeling “Natural” on new banger

Fresh off the momentum and well-deserved hype of his first single “Fuckin Wit P,” Mr2theP drops his follow-up single,“Natural,” an updated boom bap masterpiece from his new EP, Island Fever. Produced by Darren Vegas and featuring cuts from DJ Prolific, “Natural” is an easy banger with infectious beats and a magnetic hook, perfectly mixed by iREZ.

“Natural” is a hard-hitting anthem that pulls you in from the moment the track starts, with a hook that makes it futile not to throw your hands up and sing along. P delivers an effortless flow in verses filled with honesty and a touch of self-reflection, staying on point that really hustling means not just rapping about that life but really living it. It’s easy for P to reflect on the ups and downs of life and the music game, from the trials of fame to slinging drugs to letting go of an old life in pursuit of a new one, because when you rap about your own life this music comes natural.

It’s impossible to put Mr2theP into a single box musically with his evolving sounds and elevated rhymes. P is a part of a new wave of hip hip but is firmly rooted in the #beachlife hip-hop sound he helped create. This sound is clearly evident on “Natural,” which is destined to become a new classic.

With an arsenal of new music to release, “Natural” is sure to get fans hyped for the rest of Island Fever and everything yet to come from P.


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