Senokh – Esttrothyris: The Strongest Sword God | EP @s3nokh

This Masterfully crafted four track EP is a solid demonstration into Senokh’s true ability and potential as an artist.

Starting the project off with fellow Texas Native Sill on The opening of “Prima Materia” sets the tone as He begins with a very simple, yet powerful “I just been stackin my bread up…. On my grind.”

The track then proceeds into a strong hook performed by Sill, as well as two HEAVY verses by Senokh. That’s the case with the other 3 tracks on the projects as well, although there are no more features, each hook looks to declare something bold, and are so rhythmically catchy, you can’t help but chant along by the time each track finishes playing.

From bar heavy hip hop spirit, to eastern samurai vibes, all the way to beautiful melancholy, this diverse body of work has a little bit of taste for everyone’s palette, and by the time the beat fades on the last track, “Prima Materia,” you won’t be pressing your play button quick enough to dive back in!

Stream the EP below.


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