Ron Beatty is “Blowin’ Smoke” in new visual

After debuting his new 4/20 anthem, “Blowin’ Smoke,” on the most glorious day of the year for lovers of Merry Jane, North Carolina emcee Ron Beatty shares the song’s official music video, as premiered on 2DopeBoyz.

“My childhood. My adolescent days. I spent the most time reflecting on shit I hadn’t even experienced yet. A combination of being before my time and manifesting. Just thinking and planning. Through the pain and good times, we blow smoke to let go and keep going. I wanted to capture that feeling while making this video. Even though 4/20 is a rather fun holiday for smokers and marijuana lovers worldwide, this record has a serious tone and put me in a rather dark place while creating it. It was the first record I recorded during my trip to Denver as soon as I landed. And I was high as shit on a strain known as ‘Cindy White.'” – Ron Beatty

“Blowin’ Smoke” serves as the second single from Ron’s forthcoming Nights Like This LP. Ironically recorded in Denver, Colorado, the track is Ron’s second collaboration with producer John McGee (aka $K)– the first time the two joined forces was on their single “Infinity.”


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