Listen To “Vibes From Dystopia, Vol. 1” From @EsoXoSupreme

At the intersection of love and war, two romantic interests are on the front lines to keep what once was between them alive. Lust. Tension. Heartbreak. Despair. Singer/songwriter Eso.Xo.Supreme continues to offer a compelling take on the subject of modern love and affection with his latest EP, Vibes from Dystopia (Part 1). With hard-hitting yet dreamy soundscapes from PNW-based producers, forces combine to create a narrative that begs the question: is love attainable in this frightening world they’ve manifested sonically; or better yet, in the real world in which we live? Find out for yourself with a listen.
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TRACK LIST x Producer
1. Jasmine Tea
Prod. By Sxlxmxn
instagram: @_sxlxmxn
Twitter: @sxlxmxn
2. Current
Prod. By Kaniel the One
instagram: @kanieltheone
twitter: @kanieltheone
3. Pastel Pink
Prod. By Packard brown
instagram: @packardbrowne
twitter: @packardbrowne


apple music:

4. Lord
Prod. By BravoDomo
Instagram : @brvodomo
Twitter: @bravodomo



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