Pop Culture Maverick nicopop. Debuts Electrifying New Single “Elephant”

Pop Culture Maverick nicopop. Debuts Electrifying New Single “Elephant”

Los Angeles’ Tastemakers Indulge in a Night of Pop Culture Nostalgia, Addicting New Music and Artistry in His First nicopop-UP

Drawing inspiration from the visual over stimulation of the early 2000s, electronic artist, animator, and producer nicopop. is the answer to two decades of pop culture obsession; internet consumption, celebrity excess, superstar magnificence, reality television gluttony, social media dependency, curation addiction, and art disruption. He carves  out  a  unique  space  in the  electronic  pop  world,  resurrecting  a  classic  sound  with  an  upbeat  new  twist.  PRESS HERE to listen to his brand new noughties-inspired single “Elephant,” out now. The track, which features vocals from Josh Woods is accompanied by thick beats, airy finger-snaps, and video game-style samples and reflects on getting to the root of a problem in a relationship.

nicopop.’s charged-up pop anthems, unapologetically celeb-obsessed social media profiles, and mesmerizing digital footprint are just some of the moments that were showcased to an audience of Los Angeles’ taste makers Thursday evening where he delighted guests to a night of pop culture nostalgia, addicting new music, visuals and artistry at his very first nicopop-UP.

Growing  up  in  the  heyday  of  Britney  Spears  and  inspired  by  today’s  Poppy,  Kim  Petras,  and  Lil  Miquela,  nicopop.  has  fused  an  born-on-the-Internet  aesthetic  with  an exciting sound.

“Elephant”  is  the  first  of  many tracks  nicopop.  has  coming  this  year.  More music, along  with  shiny,  bright,  (and  sometimes  controversial)  pop  culture  and addicting  social media meme-ridden visuals are coming soon  that speak to the hearts, eyes and thumbs of the pop culture connoisseur that lives inside of us all.

(Photo Credit Michael Chemaly)

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