Willie D. Tha Kang keeps his eye on the money on his Merc Boy C assisted single “Weigh It Is”

They always say that money is the root of all evil but can we really live without it? I’m not sure that we can so I respect anyone who is going out to make sure they get to it. One of those people is our old friend Willie D. Tha Kang. This week he released his latest single “Weigh It Is” featuring Merc Boy C.

On this new record we get to hear Willie D. Tha Kang and his signature laid-back rhyme style document the hustle. He lets us know both the benefits and potential pitfalls that the fast-life can bring but also makes it clear it’s a risk he is willing to take to keep his pockets in good shape. The track is a pretty catchy one without being overly aggressive in it’s attempt to catch the listener. This seemingly effortless style is becoming a true trademark for Willie D. as he continue his ascent of the region’s indie ladder.

Merc Boy C delivers a strong feature to help bring the song together. Both have a clear chemistry and it shines through vividly on this single. Willie D. has quietly had one of the more impressive 2018 campaigns in his home state of Mississippi and with singles like this that would look to continue. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Also, if you missed our review of his last LP “Free Sample” be sure to peep that by clicking the link here.


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