Dima Kash drops his “Love/Hate” lyric video

Award-winning hip hop artist Dima Kash debuts the lyric video for his song “Love/Hate” on MTV today, Monday, July 30. The first single from the Russian born American rapper’s forthcoming third album gains a half a dozen college radio station adds and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, SoundCloud and YouTube.

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based artist is looking forward to the feature on the cable channel. “When I found out that my new single ‘Love/Hate’ was going to air on MTV, it was like a dream come true,” Dima says. “I’ve always wanted to be featured on MTV and now that dream has become reality.”

On the chill, moody track produced by Andrew Thomas, the artist who has opened for Migos, Post Malone and Future proclaims his commitment to his grind and responds to non believers, rapping, “Heard they hating on me ‘cause I’m living my dream.” While he calls out fake friends and haters, he also humbly admits, “Alls I really want you to do is love me” on the song’s melodic, sung chorus.

“The meaning of the song to me is that in this game all we want is love, and we face so much fakeness and hate from so many people,” Dima says. “Your closest friends could be your biggest haters, but you gotta continue to push and strive for greatness.”


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