Bend, OR Producer Theclectik Releases His Debut Project “Analog Heart In A Digital World”

Listen to the fire new album from Theclectik featuring some of Underground Hip Hop finest Myka 9, Abstract Rude, Scrub & Luckyiam of Living Legends, and more! Watch the Official Music Video below!
Analog Heart in a Digital World is a concept touching on the complexity of technology being our ally and foe one in the same. Our daily use has hindered our human interaction, removed physical connections, and has conditioned our social media selves into being the representative of how we are viewed. We easily fail at times to look up from a screen and simply live life in the present.
Theclectik comes armed with veteran MC’s Abstract Rude and Myka 9 to spill their perspectives of having an Analog Heart in such a Digital World. Abstract Rude and Myka 9 of Project Blowed and the Good Life Cafe movement has intertwined their pen skills by intertwining the pros and cons of our technological advancements. Reminiscing on throwbacks of our culture and what it was like to be stripped down of all “toys” and just simply living life without all the “digital noise.” We need to come back to our heart and suppress our short attention spans for our need of instant gratification, and connect with each other once again the “old school way.”
Theclectik started production with a bluesy guitar riff and then hammered out a pulsating back beat, followed by sweeping electronic textures and droning bass hits. Truly a blend of Analog and Digital with lyrics that provide a take on remaining genuine while coping with a disingenuous society.
Full EP links ( Analog Heart In A Digital World)
Theclectik social media links:



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