Ziyaad Luceō has “Trust Issues” on Latin influenced single

Toronto’s diverse R&B artist, Ziyaad Luceō releases another single to his building discography. This song, in particular, is titled ‘Trust Issues (Why Do They Fall in Love?). Ziyaad experiments with some classic R&B and Latin sounds throughout this record. ‘Trust Issues’ is produced by the multi-talented group, Sonder.  By adding a soft and mellow Spanish guitar sample with some soothing drum lines allows this song to subtly play both roles of emotional vibe and upbeat dancefloor ambience. This record samples the 50’s Frankie Lymon where both sample and Ziyaad’s vocals play hand in hand to make a harmonize energy. This song is fairly short but truly emphasizes Ziyaad’s vocal ability and versatility from record to record. The young R&B crooner has been building a strong constant backing behind him. Big movement on the way. More to come from this Toronto R&B vocalist.



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