Otis Clapp brings life to his alter ego on “Quentin” EP

Queens rapper Otis Clapp formally introduces the world to his alter ego, Quentin Ballantino, with the release of his new EP, Quentin. Entirely produced by Ricky Vaughn, Quentin serves as the follow-up to Clapp’s 2017 Helen Keller project. A mashup of revered movie director, Quentin Tarantino, and Clapp’s favorite beer, Ballantine, Quentin Ballantino represents a darker side of the rapper, with ruminations of mental health struggles, death, and more.

“I wrote the ‘Quentin’ EP was written from a darker place. I was battling depression through a lot of the process. I was constantly questioning my musical motivation, even on the heels of arguably my most successful release to date, ‘Helen Keller.”’Quentin’ is a journey through my mind as I try to make sense out of my ever changing universe.” – Otis Clapp

Purchase/stream Quentin below.


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