Australia’s Ziggy Alberts liberates his “Stronger” video

Aussie independent singer/songwriter, Ziggy Alberts is thrilled to unveil his new music video for his single “Stronger.” “Stronger” is off of Ziggy’s new album, Laps Around The Sun, to be released on November 9th.

Ziggy Alberts says, “Unlike a lot of songs where you are trying to consider people being able to relate to the story, Stronger was very much a first-person account of a conversation – explaining and convincing the need-to-knows of being with a touring musician.”

Stronger ‘ is new chapter of Ziggy’s musical progression. It’s a song that opens up yet another sub-genre and style where Ziggy’s music finds a home. The song tells a story about the to-and-fro of conversations around trying to convince someone to come with you, if it could work and how it could be better. It beautifully depicts the raw emotions you feel in your most vulnerable state of loving someone.

The album, Laps Around The Sun is filled with references to the planet – a subject close to Ziggy’s heart as a surfer and environmental enthusiast – and imagined scenarios that act as vehicles for Ziggy’s internal monologues and as subtle social commentary. At only 24 years old Ziggy has released four records, co-founded his own label Commonfolk Records, played sold out tours across the world, and his music has effortlessly amassed over 95 million streams, globally. Laps Around The Sun will be Ziggy’s fifth record and will be the first full-length album since his 2014 Land & Sea release.


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