Ninet has a “Self Destructive Mind” in latest visual

Israeli Rock singer/songwriter Ninet is thrilled to unveil her music video for her single, “Self Destructive Mind.” The music video was directed and the song was produced by the talented musician and husband to Ninet, Joseph E-Shine.

NInet says, “This video is kind of a visual glimpse into my mind while having a panic attack.
The dancing is actually describing the inside ‘mood flow‘ that I’m having in my mind while the rest is trying to describe the outside world and how it looks from that point of view.
Joseph, the director, has a very sensitive eye and he totally took it to the next level of expressing feelings only by the gentle motion of the camera and the intimate atmosphere of the shots.”

Joseph E Shine says, “Creating the concept for the video was a very interesting process, I knew I wanted to capture Ninet in the most natural and mundane situations, exactly how I see her every day. Cause this song is so personal and intimate. At the same time she kept telling me how she sees herself dancing in a big space with a very ‘clean’ look, then I told her to wait and came back 45 minutes later with the whole thing written down shot by shot. And it stayed true to it pretty much till the final cut.”

Since the release of “Self Destructive Mind,” Ninet’s Israel show, “When Heroes Fly” got acquired by Netflix and also just signed a deal with APA Agency. You can read all about the show getting picked up here: This is just the beginning for Ninet’s career in the states.

Already recognized as one of the most influential musicians in Israel, Ninet was determined to bring her distinctive sound overseas. The acclaimed singer/songwriter is arguable the biggest entertainment figure in her country. Over a a decade ago, the aspiring artist first found success by winning “Israeli Idol.” Her debut album took less than a day to go platinum and yielded five #1 singles. Ninet is a two-time winner of Israel’s “Favorite Music Act” at MTV Europe Music Awards and a celebrated actress- she was nominated for Best Actress in the 2010 Israeli Theater Awards.

Last year, Ninet put out her fifth album (her second English-speaking record) Paper Parachute – a collection of gritty rock that made ripples in the States and picked up plaudits from Rolling Stone and NPR for whom she performed as part of the legendary Tiny Desk concert series. Spurned by that reception, more ideas were pouring out of her, influenced by new surroundings and experiences and people which lead to the creation of the new single “Self Destructive Mind” – a tumultuous, introspective ripper.


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