Yasmeen brings an uplifting spirit on “Made to Win”

Yasmeen is back, with an uplifting new single entitled “Made to Win.” The song was written by Yasmeen and recorded live at Endless Noise Studios. She’s following up the success of her ballad “Half of Me” which has spawned over 800K streams on Spotify. Yasmeen has graced Ebro’s Discovered and media outlets like Earmilk, ThisisRNB, Huffington Post and VIBE have all praised her previous releases.

“Made to Win” is an introspective track that gives listeners a glimpse into Yasmeen’s personal journey in her music career. In Yasmeen’s words, “It’s important in life to always take a step back from what we’re doing to just analyze our journey, but share it with others. We’re living in an era where we create a perception for people that only showcases what we want to share. We share our accomplishments, but rarely do we share what it takes to reach those accomplishments – the doors that have closed, the people that have doubted you, the moments of darkness. I wanted to write a song that talked about those moments. Acoustic, stripped back – just me, my guitar, and my words. No matter how dark it gets, just know that you’ll always reach the light because, we were Made to Win.. ”


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