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1stDayFresh Feature: Sean Elliot

Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist/producer Sean Elliot recently presented the music video for “Big Boy”, his single featuring fellow Mississippi rapper and Big K.R.I.T. collaborator Big Sant. Produced by Joe On The Track, the track will appear on Sean’s forthcoming album Brown Liquor & 808s which will also feature Adam Dollar$, DQ Rodgers and Iraouree. Sean released his Preface EP (Spotify) in 2017 which spawned visuals for “Cool” (watch) and “Like Fresh” (watch). “I feel this record embodies the 808s, the basslines, and the sound in general that i was fortunate to grow up on in the 1990s,” Sean says. “Unapologetically Southern.”

Describe a day in the life of Sean Elliot.

Feet hit the floor 5:30 every morning; get my kids to bus stop then it’s time for daddy to start his daily grind. Be it at a light day or a busy one, music comes in to play at some point. I’m messing with a new beat, finishing up old ones, working on my own projects or future projects and productions for other artists. I’ve gotten to be a busy guy over the past few months to the point where days like this are regarded as relaxing.

Tell us about Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is exactly what you think and exactly what you wouldn’t expect it to be if that makes since. It’s the birthplace of Louisiana gangsta rap legends like Boosie, Webbie, C-Loc, Max Manelli (who is about to retire from the mic after years of putting BR on the map), Kevin Gates and more. That’s the gangster side of the music scene. On the other side you got artists that make a different, more lifestyle-driven sound that the masses who enjoy Baton Rouge music wouldn’t expect. Thankfully artists like myself, Bullet Jones, DQ Rogers, Caleb Brown, John Anthony ,Adam Dollar$, L.Franchise (just to name a few) are able to find new and innovative ways to stick out on the underground scene. But in a nutshell it’s like any other city in the South. You have your clean-cut cleaner side which is South BR (LSU area)..And you got the ‘hood’ which is North BR (Southern University)… we all know it’s no secret why which schools are on which sides but it is what it is (LOL).

Artists gain inspiration from unlikely sources sometimes. What are who is one source of inspiration for you that we might not expect?

Truthfully from a music standpoint, the big bro Marcel P Black has been more inspirational than he might know. Any advice he gives me, be it about out of town shows, stage presence, merchandise, performance royalties and more. I’m a few years in performing live and because of  him I literally have not performed with vocals in my life; LITERALLY  not one time. He’s been around and through him I’ve met even more influential people that I can tell have my best interest at heart.

What track of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

Big Boy hands down. It’s the very first collaboration from Baton Rouge, LA and Meridian, MS and look how it came out; song and visual. I saw a blog posting just yesterday on ‘Getyourbuzzup.com’ that read:  ‘Sean Elliot & Big Sant are the modern day version of 8ball & MJG and their “Big Boy” video is the proof’. Made my whole day.. I grew up on ball and G so that’s major love!

What do you predict for the year in hiphop?

I expect 2019 to heat up soon. Summer is coming and you already know everybody’s albums should be gearing up to drop soon: My ‘Brown Liquor and 808s’ being highly anticipated in my city. Mainstream wise my favorite project so far has got to be the Wiz and Spitta ‘2009’..that’s just what it reminds me of – they old shit..

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