Fortnight In Florida preps for debut album with lead single “Easier To Lose”

A sequenced synth line buoys the vocal line at the start of ‘Easier To Lose’, the first single to be taken from Fortnight In Florida’s debut album In-flight Entertainment. Recorded at Rockfield studios under the guidance of engineer and producer Laurence Anslow, Fortnight In Florida pack a raft of diverse contemporary influences, ranging from Holy Ghost! and Massive Attack to Friendly Fires, into their blissed-out lysergic electro pop melange. Immersive, soulful, and subtle but ambitious, ‘Easier To Lose’ sees the group, which started as a purely electronic outfit, coming into their own after the recent incorporation of live elements into their shows and recorded music. As the track progresses, coruscating vocal harmonies and canny percussion enter the fray, swelling to a crescendo before the a singular guitar riff sees it out. ‘Easier To Lose’ is a testament to where Fortnight In Florida are at artistically now, ushering in all the yearning romance and vitality of a summer which can’t come too soon.


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