Tessa Kaye’s New Colorful Pop Track “Smile More”

Los Angeles based pop singer, songwriter Tessa Kaye releases a poignant new single “Smile More”. The track speaks to the double standard of how women and men can express themselves. Kaye confides, “Every woman I know has stories of times they’ve been told to smile… usually from men, and complete strangers at that. I’ve also experienced this countless times myself since I was a little girl. It’s something I’ve never understood, and grown quite tired of, hence this song being born.” In “Smile More”, Kaye grabs ahold of these expectations and encourages listeners to feel empowered to express their emotions when and how they want.

Sonically, “Smile More” features quirky electro pop landscapes under Tessa Kaye’s soulful vocals. The single highlights her keen ability to infuse various genres including pop, electro and R&B. “Smile More” follows “You Know Who You Are And I Hate You”, a candid track detailing the singer’s struggle with anxiety. The Utah raised artist bursted unto the scene in early 2020 with her debut single “Fools Gold” which garnered acclaim from Spotify being added to numerous playlists.

Tessa Kaye is a unique artist on the rise who uses her platform for good, discussing and supporting important issues including mental health awareness and Black Lives Matter. Take a listen to “Smile More” and watch for more music from this pop music phenomenon.

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