Nowhere Nation Drops Debut Single “Omicron” from Rock Concept Album About A Corrupt Government Agency

The visionary new rock band Nowhere Nation just released their mind-bending debut song and animated video for “Omicron.” The audio-visual piece tells the vivid story of a fictional character, Seven, a secret agent grappling with the haunting flashbacks of the immoral operations he’s been involved in. Once he safely arrives at the airport after a mission, he sees news of a bombing in a refugee camp and realizes he’s the person who was responsible. Seven comes to understand his role as a puppet in his agency’s twisted games, and he resolves to leave the company. The track’s cinematic instrumentals and video’s strikingly detailed animations provide a uniquely realistic look into the character’s perturbed state of mind. Seven reflects: “what’s my name and what’s my crime, a whole life I don’t recognize.”

“Omicron” is the title track on Nowhere Nation’s impending new album. Omicron tells a chronological story about the inner-workings of a disastrous love triangle inside a corrupt, beyond-secret government agency. Although the story is fictional, it draws on real-life sociopolitical context and manages to make an otherwise far-fetched concept seem disturbingly real. The project’s emphasis on graphic-novel style visual-animation is a unique artistic choice that opens a new door of possibilities in the music industry.

Omicron was created by Arthur Blume and produced by Doug Rockwell, whose previous clients include 5 Seconds of Summer and Sleeping with Sirens, and it features accompanying graphic-novel-style illustrations by Aidan Hughes of KMFDM fame. The full project is set to be released soon, and it promises to be a thrilling saga that will hold a mirror up to modern-day society.

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