Marlon Craft shows what “Gang Shit” is really like

Believing to be his strongest leading role up to present date. Newark’s own actor Jameel“Chaos” Laboo plays the role of Marcus. This is a music video by rising rap superstar MarlonCraft. The name of the video is “Gang Shit”. Marcus is an African American guy telling his storyfrom behind prison walls. With the verbal delivery from Marlon Craft. Jameel assists him bybringing top notch acting performance that sends chills through the viewers. It shows how he’spunished for the same crimes that the police, and the KKK are prided on daily. The video alsoshows how it tears down the home when there’s no male figure. When watching it, it leaves youwith so many mixed emotions. Accompanied by 2 other lead actors playing cop, and klan leader.Gives the world an up close and personal look at the world currently. Reaching 200k+ views inunder 3 days and still growing rapidly. The video is catching celebrities by surprise. Havingthem even post how heavy the message is.

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