Neuromantic’s delivers their third single “Clarity”

Neuromantic’s third single ‘Clarity’ blends intricately woven guitar melodies, feel good vocals, smooth reverberating bass and groovy drum lines to create a catchy, edgy, and memorable tune. Frontman Daniel Pye says “Clarity encourages a path centred on facing your fears and inner demons, exploring and making the most of the opportunities that come along in life, and having the strength to engage in the life for you, not society’s expectations of who or what you should be”.

The track is accompanied by an official music video that cuts between the evening adventures of two strikingly different yet potentially closely intertwined individuals whose respective evenings slowly turn sour until a chance encounter brings them together. The video poignantly incorporates dreamlike flash-forward sequences of a possible alternate life together as the characters navigate the struggles, pain, and uncertainty of their present reality. Clarity combines intelligent melodic layers, memorable lyrics, and careful attention to detail to ultimately forge another strong track from this emerging outfit.

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