C.Shreve the Professor keeps it clean in new “Fresh Laundry” visual

North Carolina hip hop has been on fire lately, so much so that people may forget how deep the NC underground is. Stepping into the summer mix with a new release from Asheville, is underground veteran C.Shreve the Professor. This just released collaboration with New Zealand producer ThiefofBaghdad is titled “Fresh Laundry” and finds Shreve (appropriately) kicking bars in his laundry room. 

“I didn’t overthink this one too much. Thief crushes the production and my studio is a big open space that happens to also be a laundry room on one side. I just went with that as the concept both for the lyrics and for the visuals. It’s about being true to self and refreshing your perspective through life’s simple joys.”

The video is directed by Andrew Anderson. Shreve’s next full project “Grown” is scheduled for a September release. In preparation, he launched a new website that’s pretty dope:

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