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Review: Penjamin Lane continues to show promise on “PRE-SZN” EP

One of the things I find cool about creatives is the way they actually go about creating something. The fact of the matter is that no two people in a field, particularly one like music, will have the same process in doing what they do. Some people may write music in private with no sound, some may want the beat they are writing to blasting on repeating. Then you go to a totally different breed that just won’t even write at all, opting to create on the fly over the production. It’s very fascinating to me.

Even more proclivities can exist when it comes to music that has already been created. The way a project is structured and released can mean just as much to it’s overall success as the music itself does in plenty of cases. Things have to flow well and transition flawlessly in crafting the overall picture that the album is trying to paint. Not being able to convey what you are trying to in a proper fashion can simply ruin all the work you put in if it comes off as a jumbled mess to the listener.

Tallahassee, Florida native Penjamin Lane is one who has felt the pressure of paying attention to detail and acting accordingly. In the case of his most recent project “PRE-SZN” it’s a true testament to how we got the EP in the first place. When asked about how it came together Penjamin stated: “PRE-SZN was weird for me because I was initially working on a project called Fall Passion. I knew those songs wouldn’t make the final cut before it was even finished but I genuinely enjoyed those songs. I didn’t want them to go to waste so I created PRE-SZN. It gave people the chance to still be able to enjoy those songs. I’m really glad I did because that EP really helped me grow as an artist.”

Penjamin Lane begins things with some serious bars that show a sense of urgency in the artist. With light piano keys and a snare being the main pieces of production carrying the sparse beat it sets the stage for Lane’s raps. He takes on the challenge well filling the track out with a strong verse that will make you want to run back the 1 minute and 44 second intro a few times over. “A nigga gotta make it now, so a nigga can’t be held down. And if a nigga gotta knock you off, then ima watch ya body fall.” The title is “Talk My Shit” and that’s just what he does here.

A well placed sound bite of SpongeBob SquarePants in the midst of committing a stick up flawlessly leads the transition into “Money In My Bag”. The hook is as catchy as can be as Penjamin talks about letting his money stack up. He and featured artist Trap Traviii share good chemistry here with verses that compliment the hook I love so much to perfection.

“Eastside” marks a bit of a different vibe as the 3rd of 4 tracks on “PRE-SZN”. It’s instantly moody with a slow drawling beat. Penjamin Lane sings on the hook with a cadence that is almost menacing. It sounds like a nursery rhyme on drugs….and I mean that as a compliment. Niko Makaveli is featured on “Eastside” and balances the more melodic vibes of Penjamin with some superior lyricism. This is my favorite song of all included on the EP.

“For The Love” closes out “PRE-SZN” and does a swell job at it. It continues the theme of non-cluttered production that meshes well with Penjamin’s style. As the title may suggest Penjamin Lane shows more of his emotional side on the track. I’m not sure if he wrote about someone in specific but with how purposeful and personal the single sounds it sure seems that way. I absolutely love this track too.

“PRE-SZN” may not have been Penjamin Lane’s original vision when crafting the songs but you sure wouldn’t be able to tell without knowing. The project is a short, concise listen that gives a good picture of Penjamin’s capabilities. We loved his prior work and this only adds to it all. As he prepares his next album, which is rumoured to come with a name change for the artist, we must say he has earned my anticipation in full.

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