Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes come with new single “Step Away”

Indie rockers, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes new single “Step Away” is out now and featured 1883 Magazine. With the band now splitting time between Nashville, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio – DE+TGL are taking things into their own hands. Between new sounds and new cities, this year, we will see the release of a handful of brand new self-produced singles like “Step Away” and “Way You Are” that was released last month.

The the lead singer, Daniel Ellsworth  says, “’Step Away’ is a self-reflection about embracing sadness while staying cautiously optimistic about the future. Life can be shit sometimes. It can be really heavy and most of the time it doesn’t make any fucking sense. Sometimes we forget that it’s okay to feel that heaviness – to allow ourselves to feel sadness. The song is a reminder to myself (and everyone) that those feelings are valid but also that how I felt yesterday, or feel today, doesn’t have to be how I feel tomorrow. It’s also okay to let some things go, invite change and open yourself up to letting some new light in.”

Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes is the sound life makes when it becomes ecstasy. It is the noise childhood makes when it surrenders to itself and becomes an ecstatic life. It is somehow simultaneously sweetness, energy, softness, and seduction. A strange alchemy that comes about in a town like Nashville — where they formed in 2010. It’s a place of internal Peter Pans. But there are a rare few who can be born from Nashville’s island of youth, insanity, and silliness only to survive and age into a continent of thirty-something honesty and humanity. DE+TGL is one of those rare few. Wise Lost Boys with a conscience, but still a thirsty, boyish spark. That is Daniel Ellsworth (lead vox, keys), Timon Lance (guitar), and Marshall Skinner (bass). A silky, organic monster made from the remnants of pop swagger, sunglasses, self-aware grown-up realism, road trips, anxiety, and just plain, pounding fun.

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