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First Day Feature: Malcolm Morrow speaks about rebooting TheHoodHippie.com, the creativity of Jackson and more

We all have people that we look to as peers and inspirations in what we do. It’s nearly impossible to go into a particular field and not find someone who just helps you sharpen your skill. Whether it be indirectly through competition, or making friends with said peer, it’s just good to have that extra push in your passion.

In my own case personally I can truly say Malcolm Morrow of thehoodhippie.com has been that for me. Since starting 1stDayFresh.com in 2015 he has been one of the people I can truly say is a peer that I respect in the blogging/writing field. Malcolm’s way with words were an early inspiration for me and his excitement to share knowledge with me certainly helped 1DF get to where it is now.

As the Laidback Mack himself looks to reboot thehoodhippie.com after a brief hiatus, we sat down to talk about his vision and the things that inspired him to get to this point:

To start tell us about yourself for anyone getting an introduction.

I’m Malcolm Morrow a.k.a. Laidback Mack creator and lead writer at TheHoodHippie.com I’ve done just about everything you can think of in the entertainment world since 2013.

Now It’s obvious you have a love of music but that’s not something I would necessarily call unique. That being said what is that made you want to be so immersed into the culture in the way you are?

I’ve always loved hip hop, art, geek shit, and pop culture. I’ve also always been a supporter of local artistry. I used to frequent live hip hop and rock shows in Jackson since the days of Jubilee Jam and The Miller Lite Crawfish Bowl. Also the early days of Fondren After 5, when it was still really dope and artist driven. I’ve always loved the expansive culture of Jackson and how I could find an outlet for any interest I had.

What is it about the culture of Jackson, outside of how expansive it is, that you find to be so alluring? A lot of people would argue nothing goes on there and Mississippi as a whole.

The people that are behind these cultural movements. I love the people in the arts scene here and to be honest the general business scene. Many of our local businesses have been so supportive and instrumental in helping the creative culture of the city grow to new heights and reach new eyes.

There’s a hunger here in our artists and a level of talent you honestly dont find very often in such large numbers. We have every type of sound you can imagine here. I think that’s what’s dope about MS, there isnt a set sound.

Who are some of the creatives in particular you look up to for inspiration and why?

Kanye, Donald Glover, Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and a few others on the major side. I like that they innovated in their lanes, created space for others to follow in their footstep, and they never had a problem sharing the spotlight.

Focusing on thehoodhippie.com, what does this platform mean to you and how have things been over the years running it?

For me it started as a way to highlight all the dope creatives I saw carving out a lane here in the state. It has also helped me to gain many opportunities in the industry. Its really helped me build a strong resume.

With that being said it’s obviously been a bit of a hiatus for you on that front over the past year or so. What’s caused the break on Hood Hippie?

Man lots of personal issues. I took a break for myself. I felt burnt out, like I was pouring from an empty cup. So had to step back and rejuvenate like Big Sean. Now I’m back, been planning the whole time, so I’m hoping people like the direction I’m going in now.

And what would you describe that direction to be?

A wider variety of content types. Not just music. I’m doing art, business, fashion, pop culture, cannabis, list articles and more. I’m also going regional with the music coverage. Lots of opportunities have fallen in my lap also, so I have some surprises in store.

With you expanding into so many other fields how do you think that affects the brand as we knew it before you took a hiatus?

I think that the changes to the blog will be on brand for me. I’ve always been diverse in my writing, I just never released it via The Hood Hippie. My work for JFP, Dime Entertainment, The Gamer, Scriptwriting, Malaco, etc was vastly different. Now I’m taking what I learned from those experiences and using them to expand in new areas in a cohesive manner.

What do you think has been your favorite article or interview you’ve written before and why?

Honestly my favorite was the article I did on Adrienne Domnick for DIME. Everything about it came together perfectly, I feel like I really expressed her creative mind perfectly.

Your time at Malaco, which you spoke a bit about earlier, put you in some interesting positions. What’s one story you can tell us from that time?

My favorite Malaco moments involved meeting Blues Legends and doing the 50 Year Gospel Anniversary. I got to meet some of the biggest names in Gospel music and be integral in the production. It was definitely a highlight.

Do you operate The Hood Hippie solely? Are you currently looking to add to your team?

Yea, I’m solo currently. Will moved to Texas. I am looking to add more contributor most definitely.

How can people contact you if they are looking to contribute?

Mmorrowwrites@gmail.com with a writing sample.

Outside of what may have already been mentioned what should people look out for from you in the near future?

I have a radio show that’s set to premiere on 90.1 WMPR later this month.

Damn so you are famous now lol? Can we get any details on the new show?

Lmao. Nah bruh, just trying to expand. Its gonna be, music, arts, and culture. Interviews. Conversation about the indie business world. 30 minutes. Saturdays at 11 AM.

Looking forward to it. Last question I have is with your renewed vision where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Owning my own companies centered on media production, events, and publishing. I wanna have my hands in everything on a coastal scale.

Any last words before we conclude?

I just wanna say I appreciate the support I’ve gained over the years. Looking forward to people seeing this new wave of renewed energy. I appreciate you for doing this interview bruh.

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