Vancouver duo Adera let’s go of “Uneasy” visual

Adera is a duo from Vancouver, BC which formed in 2016. Its unique sound came from years of experimenting with the same songs until its founders Tomás Valenzuela and Tiffany Calderbank landed on something they felt they hadn’t heard before.

Their new indie pop single “Uneasy’ incorporates shaky synths, pulsating drums and smooth vocal tones.

“It’s a bit of a touchy subject but very important. It was the #metoo movement that brought about this song. It was and is such an intense time in history. When it first started, it was very disheartening to find out that certain people were involved. This song was kind of a way to meditate on the subject.

We hope that the takeaway is that we all need each other. This movement felt like it really polarized men and women more than was anticipated. It needed to happen but we still need to work together on things like this. We hope that this songs helps to focus on what we have in common, not what makes us different.”

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