Kafar Myers drops off his “Hopeless” visual

Rapper, poet, community organizer Kafar Myers debuts his new music video for single, “Hopeless” off his 8-track project entitled, Self Privilege. The visual premiered through Ghettoblaster Magazine on Tuesday.

“Hopeless” is an introspective rap song that details the highs and lows of Kafar’s quest for hip-hop prominence. “I was hopeless. I was down bad at the bottom feeling broken,” sings the 20-year-old rapper at the visuals intro. He raps passionately about the joys and pains of pursuing his dream over hard-hitting 808s produced by Young Devante. His expressive melodies are enhanced with auto-tune technology which compliments the lighting schemes used by the production outfit, Painfully Gifted Visuals throughout the music video. The color arrangements provide more depth as Kafar finds solitude at a remote location.

The visuals cut transitions are as swift as Kafar’s rap cadence. The lyrics are melancholy, but the soundscape is upbeat. Clever camera angles along with smoke effects engages viewers to watch Kafar immerse himself deeper into the music. He softly raps, “people wishing that I just fall down,”  but strongly asserts his desire to push through.

Ghettoblaster says, “They say youth is wasted on the young but that’s really never the case, at least for the 20-year-old New Jersey native Kafar Myers.”

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