G Soprano talks New England Hip Hop and forthcoming “Kool Aid and Cyanide 3” release.



Inspired by the lineage of music in his family, G Soprano took his influences by legends like Biggie. The Lox, Nas, Kool G Rap, and Capone-N-Noreaga and followed in their footsteps.  In Junior High School he began to learn about instrumentals and melody by partaking in the chorus and learning to play the saxophone. Realizing that Hip Hop was always where his heart was he would transition to writing lyrics by high school. After saving up enough money to purchase DJ equipment he began to record mixtapes in his  house. After building a local buzz G soprano would later be faced with obstacles he had to overcome.  After the burning down of his grandmothers home G Soprano would fight homelessness  while working on musical goals. I caught up with G Soprano recently to ask about his musical background, passion for the art, and new project. Check it out:


Jason Bourne: How has the beginning of 2020 treated you business wise ?

G Soprano: Well, business wise it has been good. As I start to learn more about different marketing and promotional tools to utilize my talent I’m starting to spread my brand off into different regions like LA, Chicago, Texas etc. It gives me that inspiration to stay driven and continue to stay focused.

Jason Bourne: I see you have Kool Aid and Cyanide 3; break down the name for us and some of the highlights or stand out songs in the series ?

G Sopramo : I got the name from a religious cult leader by the name of Jim Jones and the Jamestown massacre. It’s simply a metaphor to any artist that feels that they can fuck with my style. That’s when I gotta hit them haters with Kool Aid and Cyanide you know.

Jason Bourne: You have Lazy K hosting, how did that come about ?

G Sprano: I have always been a fan of her mixtapes since I was young. I finally got introduced to her by my man Murdah Baby. (Shout out to him). That’s my guy we whipping up part 3 right now it’s coming, so be on the lookout.

Jason Bourne: You started out in a group 3rd Degree Burnz – how did you come to the decision to go solo ?

G Soprano: To be honest there are things we weren’t seeing eye to eye on. When you working in a group it can be tough if you all don’t have the same passion for it.  Things went left; a little street beef happened between the other members so I figured I would just go my separate ways.  I didn’t wanna get involved with that that, it had nothing to do with me. As a man I felt I had to do what I had to do which was to pursue my career.

Jason Bourne: You have opened up for major artists. Talk to us about the experience ?

G Soprano: I got to meet some of the artists and other were too mainstream to even get a chance to chop it up with them. Either way it was cool. I got to travel to different places throughout New England. The Bravehearts showed love, the Outsidaz was cool and Mr. Vegas was cool.

Jason Bourne: You recently got down in the Grind Mode Cypher, how was that ?

G Soprano: It was dope. I got to meet some new people. I love the underground scene, that’s what I came up off of you know. We all got to come together and spit bars and have fun. It took me back to the days of Lyricist Lounge.

Jason Bourne: Styles P is one of my personal favorite artists; how was Beats and Barbecue ?

G Soprano: Yeah he’s also one of my favorite artists too. I like Styles P. A real individual and solid in person. I gotta chance to get a picture with him that’s the bro right there.

Jason Bourne: Your single Incredible Hulk features Chris Rivers – what is the feedback you have been getting. ? That’s my latest single which is out right now shoutout to him for collaborating with me. The record is produced by Oz Tribeca. It’s doing great on all streaming platforms everywhere and I’d like for everyone to go get that. .

Jason Bourne: For those who may not know you as an artist describe your brand of music?

G Soprano: I would have to be real and say straight raw hip hop. That’s the east coast feel. When you listen to my music you could see my vision of where I come from. You can see my upbringing and you can also hear the greats through my music like a Big, Jay or Nas.  I can also be more modern with it and flip to a style that’s unheard of.

Jason Bourne: What can we expect from u the rest of this quarter and the year ?

G Soprano: As of right now I am currently in the finishing stages of my the mixtape we mentioned. After that who knows (shrugs) maybe an album.  I think I definitely want to do more features with different artists. I’ve worked with some producers overseas; I would like to do that. They love Hip Hop all across the world. I will definitely be performing, maybe even in New York City. Overall, I am gonna supply my fans and stay busy.  I’m gonna continue to stay busy.


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