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Premiere: Lester Sanchez drops an eerie visual for “Damaged”

Fresh off the heels of his highly successful “Wentworth” collaborative project with Quincy Jamal, Lester Sanchez is back with a new solo effort. With “Damaged”, the Orlando, Florida crooner speaks out about how a bad past cannot be allowed to hurt you in the present time.

“It’s basically about going through shit and kinda putting women to the side until the one that can’t escape your mind comes. Only problem is you’re still not really ready for it as you are dealing wit your own trauma.”

The record of course comes at a strange time with everyone dealing with the effects of Covid-19. This is reflected in the timely visual that accompanies the single. Lester is able to match the despair displayed in the lyricism as he navigates a town in the midst of social distancing. Freddie J, also from Orlando, helps to craft the clip which essentially acts as a short film. In regards to the process Lester said the following:

“I had a very different idea for the visual originally, but with the quarantine and virus it just gave us the perfect vibe with the emptiness everywhere. It was just us taking a serious approach to the concept that some shit like this could really happen if we don’t tighten up. We shot it over 3 days and had to find new spots and ideas constantly because of the virus situation. We just knew we had to finish before the lockdown came.”

Things came together well as presented the finished product below. Let us know your thoughts and look out for more from Lester Sanchez in the future.

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