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EP: Mir Fontane – “Still Alive”

Still Alive Cover
New Jersey artist, Mir Fontane, delivers his latest EP, Still Alive.

The project serves as both a tribute and celebration, Still Alive is one of Mir’s most personal projects to date.
“At the end of 2019 I lost a lot. I was in Orlando when I got the news that my brother Jose was gone forever. Not long after that, I lost someone that showed me what genuine love was for the first time due to my selfish tendencies. 
I didn’t have the same feeling for music or people anymore. Didn’t know who I could trust long term. I fell into depression. I felt like a burden to everyone around me. Old traumas started to surface and make me shut off the world….I took the steps I needed to pull myself out of that hole, but the pain never goes away. I coulda quit, coulda ran, coulda died…Still Alive.” – Mir Fontane
Stream the official EP below, and download from your preferred service here.




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