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First Day Feature: Bigg Josh chats about new single “Magnolia Boy” and more

One thing I love about hip-hop in Mississippi is the sheer depth of the talent here. The artist you may not have heard of can impress you with just one listen and it happens often for me. Such was the case for Bigg Josh when I was originally introduced to him. I heard a promo for his “Mississippi River” single a few years back and was instantly intrigued.

Bigg Josh possesses a powerful voice and microphone presence that just makes his music palpable at times. The things he says you believe. Match this with a lyrical ability that he flexes without sounding as if he is trying to hard to wow the audience and you have a style I loved.

Since then I’ve followed Bigg Josh and his growth as he reached new pinnacles like his 2019 “If Only They Knew” project. In 2020 he is freshly returning to the scene with a new banger in “Magnolia Boy” that puts his competition on notice that he is coming. In out latest First Day Feature we discuss the new single with Bigg Josh firsthand and learn more about he got started in the game:

I’m here with Bigg Josh today, introduce yourself to the people who may not know you.

Yo what’s good everybody I go by Bigg Josh. Bigg is really a abbreviation for Best In Going Great. I’m a MC from Jackson Ms been writing music for awhile now.

You are a rapper I’ve definitely followed the past few years but I never knew how you got started rapping. What led you to it?

I honestly started in middle school with a couple of friends, rapping at lunch tables and classrooms haha. But what really caught my interest was Texas rappers. It was a lot of rappers my size flowing hard like Big Mo, UGK, Big Hawk, etc. it kind of motivated me in a sense to write a rap to see how I flow. Man my first rap was trash haha. Overtime I studied the culture and I started getting better myself and just mix the two.

Were you ever apprehensive about doing it? I know some people can be a bit shy to the microphone when they are starting out.

Not really, as I continued to get better and I rapped in front of my homies and seeing their reactions to the bars I’m spitting build my confidence. That buzz got around school and people started calling me Biggie. So by the time I did my first show behind the mic, which was a school talent show, I hit the stage hard. It was actually me and my bro OG Snap first show. Had the whole auditorium rocking.

Coming from Mississippi I always like to know how other artists feel about the scene here. In your opinion how do you feel about the state of Hip-Hop in Mississippi right now?

Ehh, at first I want to say it’s slow but really all artists gotta put in that grind and don’t give up. As whole, we could ALL come together and make something pop. And when I say all I mean the Trap rappers and Lyricist. In my opinion it’s a little divided but we’re gonna get there soon.

Who is your dream collaboration and why? Who would produce the track?

I really hope to do a track with Jay Z one day and have Kanye produce it. Those two are my idols.

Your new single “Magnolia Boy” just dropped. Tell us about the message you wanted to get across with it.

Just want people to know I’m one of the hardest Mississippi rappers. Show em how I’m coming with the bars.

What made this the one you wanted to drop as your first single this year?

It’s kind of like my introduction when I first come in with it I say, “Hi my name Bigg Josh….” when I was in the studio I was like hell yeah haha. And I knew it’ll get the fans hype and ready for more.

Can fans expect a project to come soon? If so what’s the direction you aim to take on the project?

Oh I’m most definitely dropping my debut album late September titled Southern Soul. It’s basically a story about my life and things I been through and how who I am today. So a lot of R&B vibes and lyrical raps. Like I said before Magnolia Boy was just a single to get the people hype. This album is so meaningful.

How do you feel you are better as an MC now than you were when you dropped your last project?

My last project was all over the place actually. I liked it but it wasn’t my best. And that’s only because I recorded at multiple studios and the quality wasn’t right to me. So after that I took my time, and discovered Crown Studios (Shout out to Shell) and they sat down with me and got me right for sure. Stay tuned.. you’ll see the rest of the work soon.

Do you feel like you are underappreciated as a rapper? If so how do you navigate through these feelings and focus on your art?

I really have mixed emotions about it. A lot of people know how I am about music and see I do it seriously. But the other half don’t. I guess that part just means I gotta go harder. Yeah I feel like sometimes people sleep on me but it’s my duty to wake em up!

What do you think is the most valuable thing you have ever learned?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned… You can not rush things. “Direction is more important than speed.” Take your time to get it right.

What else should fans be on the lookout for from you?

Be looking out for more videos! I promise I got y’all more coming soon. Oh yea and some Merch. If ya rocking me, I’m rolling with ya.

Any last words before we conclude?

Stay safe out here, wear ya mask, wear gloves, and WASH YOUR HANDS! Oh yea Southern Soul the album September 25th!

Follow Bigg Josh on all platforms at @BiggJosh601

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