Village Hate Society brings their single “Cuckoo”

The fast rising hip hop group Village Hate Society (VHS) has released their newest single “Cuckoo” today with tastemaker Americano Label.

“Cuckoo is a song about feeling like you’re going crazy, or feeling like everyone else is going crazy around you instead, however you want to look at it,” comments VHS.

Comprised of Jorge, Thadd, Franklin, and Renzo VHS continues to push the boundaries with new sonics and production stylings with ‘Cuckoo.’ They reflect, “We wanted to make a song that had elements of West Coast G Funk but completely flip the vibe and themes of traditional G Funk on their head.”

They continue, “We were all going through a tough time mentally during the writing of this song so we wanted to make a darker song that was about mental health but had a vibrant, danceable sound to contrast with the lyrical themes.”

The new single is out today for a much needed feel throw back vibe that reminds us –I ain’t crazy.

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