Mint brings a thriller of a video with “Turbulence”

On ‘Turbulence’ frontman Zak has penned a searing anthem that catapults the listener onto a claustrophobic high-octane joyride replete with such vivid imagery you’d think Ken Kesey’s Furthur bus has sprouted wings and a pair of turbines. The chorus is pivoted around Rashid’s trance-like refrain (“this is your captain speaking / Never forget this feeling”) which grows in menace like the turbulence of a tin can rattling seven miles high above the ocean. Rashid says “it’s a nod to mental health seen through a cinematic plane crash.” The accompanying video ostensibly appears to be the fulfilment of a male fantasy – the horny teenager and the sexually available teacher, but the fantasy is quickly subverted in a moment of bathos. It was filmed during the Coronavirus pandemic adhering to safety measures. Keen-eyed treasure hunters will also find an easter egg somewhere in the video. ‘Turbulence’ is released together with a leering alternate industrial mix by guitarist Lenny, which he laughingly describes as “like Nine Inch Nails soaking up reruns of Twin Peaks in the early hours…”

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