Joey Trap brings his new album “A Playlist For The End Of The World”

Joey Trap’s new album, ‘A Playlist For The End Of The World’ comes to 1DF today via PIVTL Projects. Trap’s fourth full-length project of the year boasts 23 tracks, showcasing his eclectic style with features from YBN Nahmir, Kxllswxtch, and Zedzu. Listen/Buy here:

Channeling the distinctive energy that put Trap on the map, “A Playlist For The End Of The World” taps into the same brand of defiant lyricism. “A Playlist For The End Of The World” is a natural evolution of Trap’s musical ability, thoughtfully curated and meticulously produced to resonate with fans: “This music is not to distract people from what’s going on, but instead to aid them [with] a soundtrack [for] battle,” Joey says, “[These are] memories we will never forget! 2020 is a time for a change.”

Boasting 224K followers on Instagram and over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Trap has earned his title as one of rap’s most prolific visionaries. Trap’s music is widely celebrated for its distinctive blend of range and style, with recent releases ‘Wild West’ and ‘STFU’ showcasing his genre-defying sound. Featured on Spotify’s Clout Culture playlist, ‘Wild West’ racked up millions of streams following its January release, with the tracks “Purse,” “John Wayne,” and “Arrival” generating huge buzz. And with a punk-rock flare, the February release of ‘STFU’ proved to be yet another win for Trap, featuring the wildly popular single “JOHN CENA.”

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