SZA’s creative partner ThankGod4Cody drops his “Light My Way” visual

With recent riots occurring across the country, as a nation, we are being forced to maintain during these dark times. Black Lives Matter and so does our mental health. “Light My Way” offers a sentiment of hope. ThankGod4Cody made his artistic debut with Cody of Nazareth in 2019. The project has garnered over 1.5 million streams and caught the attention of cultural and music curators. A native of Memphis, TN, TG4C is a Grammy nominated, multiplatinum artist, and producer. Many are familiar with his work on SZA’S CTRL album spawning hits with his production credits on songs like “Love Galore” ft. Travis Scott and “The Weekend”. His single, “Light My Way” is the first single release in the Thank God 4 Friday campaign. The campaign will feature a new single drop, biweekly. “Light My Way” is part confession & part prayer delivered over soulful organ keys and trap drums.

“At some point there is a time when you feel the need for help from above, we all search for it. The world is dark. We need our way lit. Especially times like now, it would be good to have that guidance, that light. “The inspiration behind the video was just a look into part of just my regular day. I’m playing the game, I’m in my home studio, playing basketball in the backyard w/ my boys, smoking a j in the kitchen. That’s just what it is not exaggerating it for the camera. With COVID and the protests life is crazy. If I’m not out trying to add my voice to the collective I’m in the house.” – TG4C

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