Bokito comes with latest release “Okok”

“Ok ok I feel you today / But know that those feelings are fading away” go the cutting lyrics in Bokito’s new single. ‘Okok’ hones in on the uglier part of human relations: their severance, with a fierce musicality that makes for one of the year’s most poignant and cathartic indie singles. Opening with a palpitating kick drum beat and bright chiming guitars, the melancholia of frontman Moses’ stacked vocals evokes bittersweet wordless partings, and he goes the full range throughout the middle eight, which culminates in an exhilarating falsetto display. Ben Jackson’s immersive production floats the intricate busyness of the instrumental atop a soundscape of swirling ambience to make for a record that sounds restless and assured. It’s business as usual from a group reinvigorating the indie genre one release at a time.

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