Louisiana’s LiBand brings his “Due Date” visual

The Louisiana prodigy LiBand has lived an exciting life at the young age of 16. Starting from elementary school battle raps to now performing worldwide and making a name for himself in music with pure authenticity in each song similar to his influences Lil Wayne, Kevin, Gates, and Tupac. In music, you are never too young or old to show the world your talent, which LiBand does with the single “Due Date.”

Throughout the song and video, LiBand reiterates his struggle dealing with his past demons and working on controlling them so he can strive to be the best him in life. A smooth guitar-laden trap production balances out the soulful melodic lyrics from LiBand effortlessly. A particular scene in the video shows the young artist at a graveyard partying homage to his lost loved ones, who serve as motivation for him to keep pushing his music dreams.

“I always think about the lost souls that didn’t get the chance to live their full lives,” he said. “So, I got to live my dream for them and me through pursuing music. I want to reach souls and save lives. I feel like a killer if I don’t release my music for the people.”

Along with pushing new singles, Lil Band is working on a new album, B4L: (B)lowup(A)nd(N)ever(D)ie4Lyfe, in which he hopes to show people his genuine spirit and musical versatility.

“Due Date” serves as a fantastic preview for the LP, which ironically has not been set for a due to be released date. For now, LiBand wants fans to get excited for “Due Date,” which is available to watch on YouTube.

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