Christian hip-hop artist YB delivers his EP “Provision”

Bold Records artist, YB is back with his 6 track EP, “Provision”, a collection of tracks that are inspired by coming from nothing, pushing and working hard to achieve his goals, and keeping faith, the drive, and the passion, while fighting other life struggles. Despite having a challenging upbringing as one of 8 children, and having a single mother, he kept the drive and the passion to chat after his dreams. YB found the presence of God at a young age and has steady been following Christ since, including HIM in everything he does.

“Watching the news and digesting every social media after George Floyd really hit home for me. I’m very social and typically love social encounters, but during that time, I wasn’t myself. So I started hitting the producers I know searching for a record that would help me communicate this “valley” in my life and producer, “GodFrame” sent the right record. “The Greatest” was recorded the same day. The process was seamless. “The Greatest” is hands down my favorite on the ep…

…In my life, I’ve seen more valleys than I have mountaintops but by the Grace of God, I’m still here today with a vision to go out and be somebody, and in 2020 that’s huge! When I look back over my life, at every moment where I could have experienced a dead end, God opened a new door. So Provision to me, is this fire to own the race set out before me because I’m only a small piece to a much greatest story at hand. Provision is my most intentional approach as an artist. As as an artist, I’m committed to articulating my journey in it’s most truest form. And I feel like Provision is a step in that direction. I wanted every song to be a snap shot of where I was in realtime, and I’m thankful for being able to capture those moments in the middle of a pandemic.”

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