Rising twin musicians Carly and Martina bring their new single “Honeymoon”

Twin musicians, and emerging dual vocalists – Carly and Martina are ones to keep an eye on this year!

18-year-old twins have mastered multiple musical areas, and take their combined craft seriously.

In case you needed more proof that confidence is key, the teenage twin duo will be singing, producing, writing and mixing their own songs for the upcoming debut album titled, “Are You Listening?”

Their unique sound and original songs have been a beacon for their supporters to follow, which has led to impressive numbers on multiple social platforms – amassing over 1.5M views on their YouTube channel.

The twins have recently secured sync placements on multiple shows, which include High Fidelity, The Bold Type, and LA’s Finest.

As musicians with a platform and presence, the girls acknowledge and understand that they have a responsibility to their supporters and generation to be leaders and role models.

For Carly and Martina this means being actively involved both locally and nationally. The sisters work alongside schools to support and raise awareness of anti-bullying, host song-writing programs and have performed at fundraisers for non-profit organizations that benefit under-privileged communities.

Using their platform to support other artists, they created a visual album for “Are You Listening?” that spotlights other artists and influencers from around the world who created digital custom pieces of art during quarantine to bring their debut album to life.

Carly and Martina believe that the arts evoke power in unity – this is the most crucial element in the foundation of their music and overall ethos.

The twins are Chicago natives and bursting into the music scene with must stream tracks. It’s only a matter of time before their atmospheric vocals take them all the way to the top.

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