Rebel Rey returns from hiatus with his single “Passion”

Texas-based artist Rebel Rey returns from a 3-year hiatus with a ferocious new track. “Passion” was produced by ATIXIV and highlights the emerging rapper’s polished cadence and lyrical ability.

Rebel Rey is a 27-year-old artist from Detroit currently based in Austin, TX. He began rapping at age 11 and continues to hone his craft. Rebel Rey is 1/2 of the Paper Plane Generals (PPG) duo with his childhood friend Kid Pluto. Rebel Rey has always had a deep passion for music and uses his own music as an outlet to express his true thoughts and emotions. With 3 years passing since his last release, “Passion” is new beginning for Rebel Rey. “It’s a return mainly, a chance to do it right. A chance to finally make a difference. I think I’ve held myself back long enough. I have someone who believes in me and that is new. I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a way outta nothing.”

“Passion” is a straightforward hard-hitting track. Appropriately titled, “Passion,” Rebel Rey puts his heart into relentlessly attacking the beat with a killer flow. “Passion is what I feel is lacking in a lot of today’s music. Everything either sounds the same or scripted. I pride myself on giving my all when it comes to my music. My heart beats a million times a minute when I’m in the booth. So Passion is just an honest lil giving of what my soul feel like through my music,” stated Rebel Rey on the title and inspiration for the track.

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