Elliott Niezel releases his new project “Strange Lands”

Elliott Niezel is one of the original Santa Barbarians. He reps for his city, and his love for hip hop is undeniable. He’s dropped 35 projects to date and performed at festivals in 5 states including SXSW and A3C Festival. Elliott has no plans of slowing down, and his latest project Strange Lands confirms that.

Strange Lands is an eerie, autobiographical project that showcases Elliott’s monstrous delivery and lyrical prowess. His subject matter is far from the ordinary, encapsulating devilish thoughts, impulses, and complete transparency. He can move fluidly between jazzy cuts, chaotic samples, and an array of slow-rolling, or fast-paced beats straight from hell. Executive producer Elusive plays composer throughout the 10 track album, setting the scene for each idiosyncratic cut.

Each song will bring you into the mind of Elliott, a place of disarray, murderous schemes, and trauma from his early years. There is no room for sugar coating on Strange Lands, and his raw, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ temperament is what makes this project so exhilarating.

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