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Siete Gang Yabbie Elevates On ‘The Orignal Jank Baby’ Debut Project

If there is one thing that San Diego-native Siete Gang Yabbie proves on his debut project The Original Jank Baby, it’s that he is in no shortage of electrifying flows and infectious cadences.

Featuring 11-tracks including his recent single “Bag End” featuring Young Who and rising L.A. rap talent Nfant, The Original Jank Baby pings back and forth between aggressive street banger vibes and flossy get-money frequencies. Records like “Aktion” and “Bleed” out provide smooth kicks and mellow up-kicks while records like “Bum Bum” and “Playa Patna” live up to Yabbie’s ‘Jank baby’ pseudonym.

For Siete Gang Yabbie, who signed a record deal with Asylum records earlier this year, it has been a long time coming, up to this point. In an Instagram post on Friday (November 6), he reflected on his journey and thanked his close supporters.

Stream The Original Jank Baby in addition to the brand new video for the project track “Pope” below.

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