Pink Roses brings their new track “another girl”

Pink Roses is an indie pop duo from Los Angeles for fans of LANY and The 1975. They wrote 100+ songs in their bedroom. In their first year, they have already gained over 1.5M Spotify streams, 1M+ YouTube views, and 10K+ Instagram followers. They have been featured on Spotify editorial playlists “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds: Pop.” Scooter Braun shared their music to his Instagram after discovering them on the private app, Clubhouse. They have only played 4 shows in LA and NYC, but have sold out 200 cap rooms with lines down the street. They are completely independent, self-managed, and self-funded. They pride themselves on having a cult fan base, including 30+ Instagram fan accounts, across the globe. Their newest single, “another girl,” is an emotional and nostalgic song about lead singer, Dave Fontenot’s first love. With plans to release a full EP this year and dreams of playing stadium shows, it’s just the beginning for Pink Roses.

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