Elise Hayes shares emotional single “Human Heart”

Nashville based soulful pop singer/songwriter Elise Hayes has just shared a gorgeous and lush single. Called “Human Heart”, the autobiographical song is all about the intensity of emotions we can sometimes feel and how difficult it can be to be an emphatic person who tends to give too much. She confides, “this is without a doubt the most honest song I’ve ever put out. I’ve always been a very sensitive person. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with how to find the delicate balance between being soft but not too soft, kind but not a pushover, all of that. I feel like the whole song plays down like a journal entry and I just hope that listeners can relate and know that you can be a feeler and find power in that.”

“Human Heart” is a refreshingly intimate musical masterpiece full of passionate lyrics sung by Hayes’ velvety smooth vocals. Gentle acoustic guitars underlay captivating melodies for a textured highly intoxicated sonic journey. The song is the title track off of Elise Hayes’ latest five song EP which explores themes including dealing with mental health struggles, falling in love and the importance of living in the moment.


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