YB highlights social unrest in “The Greatest” video

After releasing his fiery new EP Provision, rising hip-hop artist YB keeps things blazing with the music video for “The Greatest”. The visual premiered last Friday through V13.

“The Greatest” is a poignant reflection of the times enhanced by rap lyrics deeply inspired by YB’s religious faith. The music video highlights the social unrest that swept through the nation in June and July. V13 says, “It hasn’t been an easy year thus far, but YB is here to provide you some positive vibes while also showing off his exceptional lyrical delivery and his unrivaled charisma.”

Footage of protests throughout the U.S. are intertwined with aerial shots of YB bobbing and weaving atop a city building. He raps, “On the move through the masses / Love sweeps through the streets dodge hits like Cassius (Clay) / and I look to the greatest / but we made it.”

YB’s passionate lyrics serve as positive affirmations to the entire world. The empowering music video was also recognized by Earmilk, a publication included on Refinery29s list of “The Best Music Blogs That Aren’t Pitchfork”.

“Powerfully continuing the theme of faith, he effortlessly incorporates God and his beliefs through imagery-filled wordplay, depicting them as light, as he walks through the dark in order to get through these hard times.”

“The Greatest” is one of multiple standout songs off YB’s new EP Provision. He says, “I pray my supporters walk away from the project reminded of how faithful our God is. With so much tension in our society, I wanted “Provision” to be the soundtrack of those fighting to believe the best is yet to come.”

“The Greatest” is available now. YB’s Provision EP can be streamed or downloaded here. For updates and more information about YB please visit the social media links below.

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